Three little products that can make the World’s hardest triathlon a little bit easier.

This year’s Norsemen will start on 3rd August. The gruelling 225km race involves swimming 3.8km, cycling 180km and running 42.2km.

Some of this year’s competitors include Bullet and Bone’s Brand Ambassador Professor Greg Whyte. 

Over the next couple of paragraphs, we will be seeing how some products that have Whyte has been using can help you achieve your best during the Norsemen and any other triathlon!


The Norseman commences with a 3.8km swim in Hardangerfjord. This stretch of water ranges from 13-15 degrees so is very cold and wetsuits are mandatory. Even with protective layers, cold water can be a shock to the skin and can leave it damaged.

In order to avoid damage to the skin, it is useful to apply moisturiser before the race to protect your skin and replenish it with the vital vitamins and minerals it needs for a healthy glow! When swimming in open water, such as in a river or lake, you can achieve your best during the Norseman by using a protective moisturiser. It is particularly important to avoid your pores getting dirty and blocked.


Once you have swum, it’s time to cycle! The Norseman requires participants to cycles 180km. As I said, swimming in cold waters can be a shock to the system. So it can be difficult to get your muscles warm enough to do your best during the Norseman cycle! We recommend that you use an activating muscle rub on vital muscles – in this case, your thighs and calves. Not only with the muscle rub warm up your muscles, but it will also get them fired up, meaning you can release more power!


Okay, so you’re two-thirds of the way down. You’ve already swum 3.8km and cycled what seems like the length of Britain. All there is to do now is run 42.2 km! I personally could never imagine running this distance without looking like that scene out of Forrest Gump! However, instead of running on the flat grounds of America, you will be running whilst the altitude is increasing by over 1850 metres!

When the altitude is this high, breathing can be difficult and that is definitely not something you want on the last leg of the race! To help with this obstacle, using a vapour rub can open up your airways, making it easier to breathe! Now you can focus on speed and endurance instead of difficulty breathing!

So there we go! That is how three products can help you do your best during the Norseman! We recommend Bullet and Bone products because they include natural ingredients that are targeted at amateur athletes!

Check out their website for more information and we wish you the very best during the Norsemen this year!

After a long day at work, a late night out, or a tiring workout, I always find my muscles are sore and stiff. This should not be happening when I’m only 20! Usually, I head straight for the Volterol. Recently though, I discovered a natural muscle rub that is better for your skin and does wonders to your general performance! Here are some of the natural advantages of using a muscle rub:


When you use a natural product, the benefits of muscle rub can be quite surprising. New muscle rubs contain amazing ingredients like willow bark and clary extract that act to naturally reduce pain, inflammation and stiffness. Similarly, ginger and black pepper offer a natural warming effect on muscles, tendons and joints. This means that the benefits of muscle rub include stopping your muscles and joints from locking up!

High-quality products do not use harsh chemicals, such as diclofenac, which is found in more mainstream brands. This is good for your skin because it means that you can avoid irritation. Red itchy skin is never a good look! 


Many of the benefits may rely on the placebo effect. However, when you use natural ingredients, you can also find that it has great effects on your mentality! For example, some products use jasmine, which has an uplifting impact. This is because jasmine stimulates the release of serotonin, which improves both focus and concentration. 


In order to reap the benefits of muscle rub, it is best to choose one of high quality. This is because these products are designed to accelerate warm-ups, kick start performance and also reduce the chance of injury.

Maca root and magnesium are also key ingredients to boost performance. These are to be found in some of the best muscle rubs! The benefits of muscle rub are that it increases endurance and aids muscle recovery meaning that you can keep training at your best for longer!

So, as you can see, there are some amazing ingredients that contribute to the benefits of muscle rub! It may seem hard to believe, but Bullet and Bone products contain all of these ingredients, meaning that you can reap all the benefits! 

The health revolution is upon us! In recent years veganism and vegetarianism have risen by 600% and it turns out that the lifestyle is actually pretty good for you! This rise in healthy eating has been met by a fitness frenzy in exercise. More and more people are combining healthy eating with keeping fit. So why don’t we see how natural ingredients can help you exercise to the best of your ability?

Natural ingredients that help you exercise and get the most out of your workout


Now if you’re like me, magnesium may take you back to science classes at secondary school. It wasn’t until recently that I found out that this natural ingredient can really help you train!

Magnesium is good for bone structure and plays a role in over 300 enzymatic reactions. That means it is an important natural ingredient that really helps you exercise.

More than this, magnesium helps you exercise by accelerating recovery by fighting inflammation and replenishing energy stores. It is commonly used in muscle rubs to help muscles recovery, allowing you to have the best work out possible!

HOW NATURE CAN HELP YOU TRAIN: maca root extract.

When I first heard of maca root extract, I was a bit confused as to what it was. It turns out that it is an amazing natural ingredient that helps you train! Maca root contains vital vitamins and minerals which essentially enhances energy and stamina. It also helps you to gain muscle and strength.

Maca root extract is used in products designed to help recovery, showing how nature can help you train on and off the field!


Jasmine is not just a pretty flower. Let me introduce you to the whole new world that it has to offer in helping you exercise! This natural ingredient can help you train by managing arthritis. It also helps with concentration and mental alertness. Because of these properties, jasmine can be used in vapour rub.

Now, I can hear you saying ‘well, how can vapour rub involve natural ingredients that help you train?’ Well, studies have shown that rubbing vapour rub on to your wrists and temples can help with the accuracy of throws and hits. So this can be really helpful in-group sports!


So it doesn’t matter whether you knew natural ingredients that help you train before, or whether you are still very much a beginner. I hope that you have been inspired to try products that incorporate natural ingredients that help you train so that you get the very best out of every workout!

Five easy tricks to ensure your summer training stays on track

Summer is a time for sun, sand and fun, but during all the commotion in the ocean, keeping up with your summer training plans can be difficult. No need to worry- here are 5 easy tricks on how to get a summer body, whilst also having fun in the sun.


If you’re anything like me, you’ll only know how to get a summer body once a plan has been made. This is easier to do than you may think. Simply buy a notebook- a cheap one from your local stationers will do, or if you want to treat yourself you can get one specifically designed to cater for your exercising plan in this notebook you can jot down your weekly training regime as well as your meal plans. Not only will this enable you to track how to get a summer body, but will also motivate you to keep on top of your exercise during the summer months!

HOW TO GET A SUMMER BODY: put the right things on and in your body

A cocktail on the beach is good- summer holidays are all about indulgence! A keg of beer during a BBQ, however, is probably not how to get a summer body… During summer, hydration is key to ensure your body replaces what you sweat out- particularly if you are training hard during the heat! Using natural energy drinks can be a good way of ensuring you are getting the hydration you need, whilst also giving you a natural boost of energy, meaning you can train for that summer body for longer!

HOW TO GET A SUMMER BODY: prepare your body

Obviously how to get a summer body involves some actual exercise… but before you start training, you need to make sure that your body is well prepared. A good warm-up should take at least 15 minutes and should incorporate both cardio and dynamic stretches. For that extra edge when preparing your body, using an activating muscle rub can be a good way to really wake your muscles up. It works but increasing the blood flow to applied areas meaning that they fire stronger and quicker.

HOW TO GET A SUMMER BODY: be kind to yourself

Summer is a time to be kind yourself, and this remains true even if you are wondering how to get a summer body. Whilst relaxing on holiday can treat your mind, you must also give your body a little TLC too. There are a few products that can help with this. Whilst in the process of achieving or maintaining a summer body, using a cooling body wascan be a great way of helping your body recover.  The best products use natural ingredients to cool your body down, allowing it to relax, ready for your next workout.


It is no surprise that how to get a summer body sometimes involves working out in hot temperatures. Also, this can be good when you want to get nice and sweaty, it can easily lead to dehydration- not good! Like I said earlier, this can be solved by ensuring you drink lots of water, but it is also best to train outside of the sun’s strongest rays- for instance, early in the morning or in the late afternoon. Your skin will also be thankful for training at these times of the day as it reduces the chances of it becoming dry due to overexposure to the sun. If you find that your skin does become dry, using a non-greasy moisturiser will ensure that it still looks firm and healthy, meaning people will soon be wondering how to get a summer body like yours!

So here are a few simple tips on how to achieve and maintain a summer body. Although how to get a summer body is essentially about hard work and commitment, there are a few products that can help you along the way. Products such as those by Bullet and Bone are designed with amateur athletes in mind to ensure that they receive that competitive edge in their attempt in how to get a summer body. So what are you waiting for? Use these tips and start today!