Avoiding ‘The Chafe’

Bum, bits, undercarriage, lady garden! Whatever you call yours, it’s the one place you really must prevent chafing to get the most out of your cycling. With the current restrictions related to COVID-19, the rise in pedal-powered transport and new cycle lanes popping up all over the country, there has been an exponential growth in cycling. For those of us who were already Lycra aficionados, there has been a significant increase in time-on-saddle. Even for those who rarely venture into the great outdoors on two wheels, the re-opening of gyms, the re-emergence of spinning classes, and the rise of home trainers has seen a marked increase in saddle time for many lacking in the necessary undercarriage-conditioning. Whether you are a ‘new bum’ or a ‘seasoned bum’ there has never been a more important time to look after your undercarriage. Whilst the late summer sun is a welcome end to a difficult period, the all-to-familiar autumn rain is just around the corner, along with an increased risk to your nether regions.

Abrasions of the sensitive skin of the groin and buttocks from rubbing can be extremely uncomfortable and, can rapidly develop into blisters and open wounds which are not only painful but, can end your riding for some time. Understanding what causes chafing in cycling will help put an end to cycling misery. Skin is incredibly sensitive to a range of challenges but, the inevitable rubbing of skin against clothing and the saddle whilst cycling has been the downfall of many cyclists. Adding water (rain and road spray) to the mix, significantly increases your chances of chaffing.

To avoid saddle sores, a pair of quality, well fitted, clean, dry, padded shorts are a must to reduce chafing. But, not all shorts are made equal. Finding the right shorts for you is a must. The same is true for anti-chafe cream, where it’s not all about chafing. Using anti-chafe cream significantly reduces friction and reduces chafing of the perineum, groin, buttocks and thighs, leading to a reduction in ‘saddle sores’. In addition to its anti-chafe properties, Bullet and Bone Anti-Chafe Cream is scientifically formulated to include anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties which reduce pain and the potential for infection, making it perfect for preventing chafing, and the treatment of saddle sores.

Avoiding ‘The Chafe’ should be at the top of your priority list whether you are a cycling virgin or a Lycra-clad legend. Bullet and Bone Anti-Chafe Cream is your first line of defence in the anti-chafe war and should be an integral part of your cycling kit bag to optimise performance and enjoyment.

Professor Greg Whyte OBE Article written by Professor Greg Whyte OBE (PhD DSc FBASES FACSM)