When I was younger, I wanted to perform like an elite athlete. I wanted to be Sir Steve Redgrave. I joined my local rowing club and spent my teenage years training up to 20 hours a week. At 17, I got injured and have not been able to row since. My dream lives on, however: I still want to train and perform like an elite athlete. Luckily, being able to train like an elite athlete has become easier in recent years. Using the advice from Professor Greg Whyte– brand ambassador for Bullet and Bone (https://twitter.com/search?q=greg%20whyte&src=typd). I have learned that to perform like an elite athlete, you must focus on preparation and recovery. This means using a multifactorial, sound base of training techniques. Despite being injured, my training regime has never been better. This is with the help of Greg’s advice and four invaluable products. 


In the words of Julie Andrews, ‘let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start’. If you want to perform like an elite athlete, then you need to start your work out correctly: by warming up. Greg Whyte discloses that an elite athlete’s warm-up should be specific. If you are training your glutes, then focus your warm up on this area!

Similarly, the warm-up shouldn’t just be about physical preparation, but mental preparation too. Mental preparation is accessed through ritual. Therefore an ideal warm-up might look something like this:

  1. Activate your muscles using a muscle rub.
  2. Prepare your skin using a moisturiser.
  3. Open your airways using a vapour rub.
  4. Jog on the treadmill for 10 minutes at a mediocre pace

So the first three steps of this warm-up are not physical, but more mental. The smell and action of applying these products act as a mental trigger to get you mentally prepared for your workout. However, if you use the right products, you will also benefit from the product’s purpose too!


Professional athletes often use products in order to help them achieve marginal gains during their performance. Like with the warm-up, in order to perform like an elite athlete, the ritual is key. Interestingly, we recommend using a vapour rub during your performance. The smell of peppermint, that gives Vapour Rub its distinction aroma stimulates the brain, making you more alert and increases your accuracy. As a result, vapour rubs are good during key moments, for example, penalty shoot-outs!


Greg Whyte believes that the cool-down is the preparation for the next warm-up, so is very, very important! Even though professional sportsmen often use ice baths, for many of us, this is unfeasible. However, using a cooling body wash is often the next best alternative! These specialised body washes aim to recover your muscles in a similar way to ice baths. The good news is they are a fraction of the price!

In order to recover in the best way possible, it is also necessary to apply a muscle rub after your shower. In some products, ingredients, such as ginger, act as an anti-inflammatory, which allows your muscles to recover quickly and properly. The way you apply muscle rub is also important for your recovery process. Massaging soft tissue increases blood flow, which further improves recovery.


In order to perform like an athlete, it is important to look after your body in-between workouts. Eating healthy is important, but what many people forget, it is to hydrate! Some of my favourite products to use are naturally flavoured protein waters https://drink-vieve.co.uk or naturally flavoured sports drinks https://activeroot.co.uk

I prefer to use these products because of the natural ingredients. They assist in the marginal gains that I aim to achieve as an amateur athlete.

So from this, I guess you could say that in order to perform like an elite athlete, you need to train like one and in order to train like an elite athlete, the ritual is key. If you would like to use some of the products recommended, Bullet and Bone Active Care is highly suggested. They use only natural ingredients and the products aim to assist amateur athletes to achieve marginal gains with every workout.

For more information, see what else Professor Greg Whyte has to say about how to perform like an elite athlete as well as the benefits of Bullet and Bone products.



I see my skin as an investment. Just like my Designer Italian Leather shoes, if I don’t look after my skin, it becomes dry, chapped and tired. This is why I will always be an advocate of moisturiser for men. Although over 54% of men say they use moisturiser, I’m pretty sure we can all admit that we are still novices at skin care routines. Why should I use a moisturiser for men? When should I use a moisturiser for men? There’s no need to worry – after this brief, you will feel like a professional


Many people ask me what the difference is between men’s moisturiser and women’s moisturiser. Fundamentally, they have the same job, so how can they be different?

Firstly, men’s skin is thicker than a women’s. As a result, more excess oil can get trapped in the skin. If you currently use a women’s moisturiser, you may be making this problem worse as women’s moisturisers can have extra oils to reduce wrinkles and improve scent. To avoid this, it is best use moisturisers for men that are not oily and greasy.

Secondly, as briefly mentioned before, the scent between moisturisers for men and women’s moisturiser is very different. I personally find that the scent of a women’s moisturiser is quite overpowering. When I am completing my skin care routine, I want to smell strong, successful, and powerful. This is why I like to buy products that are laced with jasmine, eucalyptus and wild mint.


As you may already know, you should use moisturiser when your skin is looking dry. Dry skin occurs when water is unable to be held in the second layer of skin.  This is made worse when you are often exposed to the elements, for example if you are an avid cyclist, jogger or amateur athlete. Using a moisturiser for men helps repair the skin and helps it absorb more water. The result is younger, healthier looking skin.

For the best results, we recommend using a moisturising spray as it allows for easy, even coverage, without you needing to use too much.


For the best results, moisturiser should be used both morning and night as part of a regular skincare routine. I personally use my moisturiser after a shower because the moisturiser helps lock in more moisture than it would if I applied it on dry skin.

USEFUL TIP: Did you know that shaving acts as a natural exfoliate?  Moisturising after exfoliating prevents post-shave prickliness, razor bumps and other forms of irritation associated with male grooming.

So from this, hopefully you should know why you should use moisturiser for men, how moisturiser for men works and when a moisturiser for men should be used. We personally recommend Bullet and Bone’s Protective Moisturising Spray. Designed with sportsmen in mind, the spray allows for even coverage whilst also protecting your skin against the effects of the elements.

It seems odd that there is a specific moisturiser for men, which is different to moisturisers for women. However, just by looking at a man’s complexion, you begin to see it differs greatly from its female counterpart: there’s the beard for start, bushy eyebrows and the skin itself seems somewhat thicker. As a result, a moisturiser for men must be different from a woman’s in order for it to be effective.

Moisturiser in itself is designed to… well… moisturise. Although this may seem blatantly obvious, many believe that you only need to rejuvenate your skin when it gets visibly obvious. Wrong. You are exposed to conditions all the time, which could damage and dry your skin out, even if you cannot see it. So when learning how to use a moisturiser for men, there are a few tips we can learn from the ladies…


Moisturisers for men and women work best when they are applied to clean skin. Doing this prevents your moisturiser from sealing in oil and impurities, which can cause acne. This is best done when your face is towel dried after a bath or shower. For the best results, use a body wash that is suitable for your skin type when in the shower. 


Although it may seem against the point, when applying moisturiser, you need to make sure your skin is dry. Here, we don’t mean your skin needs to be peeling, and chafed. We mean it cannot be wet. This is because wet skin prevents moisturisers from being absorbed quickly and can also create a slight shine. Take it from me; having a shiny face going into an interview or going on a first date does not look good. It creates the impression of ‘nervous wreck’ instead of ‘glowing man of confidence’. To truly prevent this from happening, choose a moisturiser for men that is lightweight and easy to apply.


When using a moisturiser for men, it is best to create a routine. As mentioned previously, the best time is to apply the moisturiser after washing, as the skin is clean and refreshed. For the best results, we recommend using a moisturiser daily. If your skin is dryer than you would like it to be, there is nothing wrong with topping up your application throughout the day! No one is going to think less of you for keeping your skin youthful, glowing and fresh.


If your skin feels dry and it has seen better days, the worst thing you can do is over supply it with moisturiser. It can lead to your face and body feeling greasy and can cause acne due to the unnecessary build up of oils. This completely defeats the point of you showering and putting on the lotion in the first place. As mentioned earlier, it is a lot better for you skin to apply a small amount periodically throughout the day instead of splattering a whole bottle on yourself. For the best coverage of a moisturiser for men, use this routine:

  • Get a penny-sized portion of moisturiser on your fingertips.
  • Rub your hands together.
  • MOISTURISER FOR MEN ON YOUR FACE: apply all over but focus on areas that get particularly dry, for example your forehead and under the eyes.
  • MOISTURISER FOR MEN ON YOUR BODY: we are in no way suggesting that moisturiser should be applied all over your body, you’ll be going through bottles by the dozen. Men should only moisturise the areas that they feel are not as ‘plump’ as they should be. This is usually the feet, thighs, hands or elbows.


  • Apply after a shower or bath.
  • Allow your skin to dry before application.
  • Allow moisturiser to dry before applying other products.
  • Do not use moisturisers with lots of chemicals and unnatural ingredients.
  • Use more moisturiser on dry areas of the body.
  • Use less moisturiser on oily areas of the body.

The market for men’s moisturisers is growing and there are lots of great products on offer. When skin is exposed to a variety of elements, a moisturiser for men that we recommend is Bullet and Bone’s Protective Moisturiser. Made with all natural ingredients, this moisturiser is designed to keep sportsmen’s skin refreshed and supple in all weather conditions, whether it be wind, rain or shine.