Isn’t vapour rub a mysterious product? From how to apply vapour rub to asking how its smell can be so pleasant and pungent at the same time, the ointment holds many questions. As athletes, we assume that we simply apply vapour rub to our chest and neck to clear our airways. As athletes, we are correct; but only partly correct. After reading these useful tips on how to apply vapour rub before, during and after exercise, you will carry vapour balm with you to every workout. It’s as useful as your Fitbit when it comes to improving your performance. Unlike a Fitbit, however, vapour balm will not break your bank.


Okay, I know I previously said that applying vapour balm is not only about slapping it on your chest and neck. It isn’t… but that doesn’t mean it’s not a useful way to apply vapour rub. Clearing airways before a run in cold weather or a match in the rain can increase your stamina and therefore your performance:

  1. Apply a penny-sized portion of soft wax into your hands and rub them together. Rubbing your hands together will warm the vapour balm up, making it more pleasant to apply.
  2. Apply the vapour rub to your chest and neck until it has all been absorbed.
  3. Go out and exercise.

Extra tip to apply vapour rub: avoid wearing baggy sports wear after application. Tight clothes will keep the balm close to your skin, making it last longer.


The mentholated scent of vapour rub is as good as coffee when it comes to increasing concentration and alertness. Imagine you’re in a crucial scenario – you’re about to shoot the score-deciding penalty or converting a try in the final of your table. You need a quick boost to help your performance. You simply apply vapour rub to your temples and wrists. You succeed. You can thank me later!


Given the anti-inflammatory properties of Wild Mint and Eucalyptus extract, many vapour release balms are good at relieving the pain of sore muscles. Simply rub a penny-sized portion over the affected areas until it is fully absorbed. For the best results, follow this process after showering with a sport specific body wash to make sure muscles are fully relaxed and cooled down before your next workout.

It is one thing to know how to apply vapour rub specific to sport, it is a different matter to find a vapour rub specific to sport to be applied. We recommend Bullet and Bone’s vapour release balm. It is specifically designed to increase the alertness and concentration of athletes whilst also possessing a subtle fragrance.

The last time you were asked how to use body wash was probably when you were a child. Your parents were checking how far they had succeeded in training you in ‘real-life’ skills. Now as an adult, using body wash is second nature. We enter the shower, grab whatever is lying around, quickly scrub ourselves and then dry. Job done right? Job not done. What if we were to tell you that there’s a proper way to use body wash?


With the variety of products in the market today, choosing a body wash to use that is right for you can be difficult. The best products are those that hydrate your skin. Look for products that contain softening ingredients, such as Oatmeal extract.

It’s also important not to use any products that are harmful to the skin.


Unlike eating cake, when it comes to applying body wash, more is not better. In fact, when it comes to how to use body wash, it’s more like a Van Gogh painting: quality over quantity. Using too much lotion will dry out your skin and take away its natural oils.

When using the body wash, place only a small amount on to a flannel and scrub all over. Using a flannel is better and cleaner than using your hands.


When it comes to how to use body wash, this step is carried out wrong more times than people inserting their USB sticks the wrong way round. Do not, I repeat, do not let the suds simply run off you. Instead, use a flannel to exfoliate your skin, making it feel softer and rejuvenated.


After coming out of the shower and drying off, your body will feel clean and refreshed. Many of you will go to the mirror, check yourself out, wink at yourself then get ready for the day ahead. Sadly, there is one more step, but a glorious one it is. To lock in the natural moisture of your skin, always apply a moisturiser liberally over the skin to keep it feeling fresh and healthy.

how to use body wash - bullet and bone recovery body wash

Bullet and Bone Body wash: Perfect for all sports activities.

As we mentioned earlier, there’s a large variety of body washes in the market today. Which ones are best?

Our recommendation is Bullet and Bone’s cooling body wash.

It contains all natural ingredients, which soften and rejuvenate your skin, leaving you feeling fresh and ready to go. The Bullet and Bone Body Wash is specifically designed for sportsmen of all types.