gifts for gym freaks

It’s that time of year again and hasn’t it come around quickly? You want to get the best gifts for gym freaks like your loved ones but you have no clue what to get them. They have all the gear and every idea of how to use it… they seem to have every pair of trainers under the sun and you already know they plan to get the latest sports technology in the Boxing Day Sales. So, it’s safe to say that buying gifts for gym freaks is difficult. But we’ve heard that Santa’s Elves recommend gifts that improve sporting performance. Here are 3 examples of gifts that literally keep on giving …


Performance enhancing drinks have really taken off in the last couple of years. I know what you’re thinking though: ‘I would never get my gym freak Lucozade Sport for Christmas!’

Mmmm – I wouldn’t either! I would treat your loved ones to a high end, good quality drink which aims to improve performance instead of just giving you a sugar rush. Natural sports drinks make good gifts for gym freaks because they’re different. You know that no one else would have bought the same thing!

We personally love Active Root drinks They’re natural blend of ginger and peppermint is something your loved ones would enjoy. Active Root products improve performance through hydration and rebalancing your stomach. This also means it’s brilliant for the Boxing Day hangover!


Foam rollers are amazing gifts for gym freaks. You get all the wonderful benefits of a masseuse without having to break the bank! Rollers are designed to improve flexibility and balance whilst also improving overall physical well being.

Products at Black Roll would make brilliant gifts for gym freaks! They’re collection are stylish, well priced and varied meaning you can find a brilliant present regardless of your price range.


I believe gifts sets are under rated presents. People are quick to dismiss them at cheesy but when the products are designed to improve sports performance, I could not think of better gifts for gym freaks.

We personally recommend Bullet and Bone’s Gift set. It consists of all four of the Brand’s products that aim to improve performance through marginal gains. This makes the gift set perfect for your favourite gym bunny. You will be improving their performance from warm up to cool down and they’ll love you for it!

So here are just a few gifts for gym freaks to help get the ball rolling! We recommend these products because they naturally help the performance of athletes meaning they are presents, which help your loves ones be the best they can be! Surely that’s all you’d want for Christmas?