Cooling Relief Freeze Gel

£11.99 inc. VAT

A powerful gel that cools and soothes sore, minor muscle and joint pain.

Packed with menthol and jasmine, the natural ‘cold therapy’ replicates the pain-relieving benefits of an ice pack without the side effects in a convenient to use gel that’s kind to skin.

The Cooling Relief Freeze Gel also contains magnesium which loosens stiff joints and helps muscle recovery and relaxation.

  • Product Details

    How to use:

    Massage into sore muscles and joints. Avoid contact with the eyes. Do not use on damaged skin, broken skin or the face.

    Freeze Gel is especially well-suited for the extra benefits of hands-on massage, particularly to larger muscles and joints such as the calves, thighs, back, shoulders or elbows.

    Key benefits:

    Relieves pain

    Soothes muscles and joints

    Aids muscle recovery

  • "Wow – this packs a punch! The gel has a powerful minty and menthol smell and really does “Freeze”! I used it on my sore lower back before golf, it rubs in easily and relieved the pain (although it didn’t help my putting!!)"