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#DOMSDuo Bundle

#DOMSDuo Bundle

£18.99 inc. VAT

Pack Contains:

Muscle Activating Rub – 100ml
Cooling Relief Freeze Gel – 100ml

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    #DOMSDuo Bundle

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  • Product Details

    Our #DOMSDuo Bundle includes our Muscle Activating Rub to warm your muscles up before your training and relieve any Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness from previous training and our Cooling Relief Freeze Gel to use after training as part of your cool down and recovery to reduce inflammation after your workout. It’s the perfect bundle to ensure that you can train hard without any after-effects.

    The special deal saves you £5.99 on the combined price – available only

    All of the products are tested by elite athletes and recommended by Olympian, sports scientist and physical activity expert Professor Greg Whyte OBE, celebrity personal trainers and performance expert Winston Squire, which means you can trust all the products to deliver great results.

    Bullet & Bone is a world first. It offers breakthrough, precision skincare engineered to be used when physically active and contains potent, natural ingredients that enhance sporting performance.