Intensive Care Foot Cream

£9.99 inc. VAT

The premium formulation of this Intensive Care Foot Cream repairs and soothes sore, dry and cracked feet which occur as a result of sport and exercise.

The natural extracts and oils included provide intense nourishment and moisture with the fresh fragrance and pleasant cooling effect of eucalyptus whilst the ‘power trio’ of Maca, jasmine and magnesium are especially good for tired, sore feet being rich in amino acids, soothing and promoting muscle relaxation.

Urea is also used to soften dry, cracked skin while pumping moisture and transporting other vital ingredients into the skin helping your feet stay healthy and hydrated.

  • Product Details

    How to use:

    Apply liberally to the feet and massage in thoroughly

    Key benefits:

    Repairs and protects

    Soothes and cools

    Promotes muscle relaxation

  • "I’ve been using this product to help with my training for an upcoming Ironman event, it smells great, really penetrates to moisturise and soothe and has a nice cooling sensation. My feet have definitely held up much better this year."