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Protect & Care Anti-Chafe Cream

Protect & Care Anti-Chafe Cream

£13.99 inc. VAT

Key benefits:

  • Prevents chafing & skin irritation
  • Repairs & soothes damaged skin

  • 5 Star Customer
  • Made in the UK
    Made in the
    United Kingdom

  • 100% Guaranteed

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  • "I used the product as a chamois cream for a multiple hour bike ride. The product has a lovely thick consistency and smelled very strongly of tea tree oil (that’s a good thing). It left my bottom soft and chafe free for the duration of the ride."

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  • Product Details

    Personally tested and recommended by Olympian and sports scientist, Professor Greg Whyte OBE, the Anti-Chafe cream helps to prevent chafing and irritation during your activity.

    Use as an anti-chafe cream by applying liberally to all chafe-prone areas. For cyclists, use as a chamois cream by applying to chafe points on the body and/or the chamois.

    With powerful natural extracts of tea tree oil, grapeseed oil and vitamin E, the cream is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory and is packed with functional ingredients for maximum, long lasting superior performance whilst the intense moisturiser helps to repair and soothe painful, damaged areas.

    The cream has a pleasant, fresh fragrance and won’t stain clothing.

    How to use:

    Apply liberally to all chafe-prone areas such as the ‘undercarriage’ and nipples before activity and re-apply as often as required.


    Long lasting anti-friction barrier