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Gift Pack

Gift Pack

£39.99 inc. VAT

“Precision Sports Care In A Box”

The perfect gift idea for a sports-mad family member or friend.  A complete set of all four Bullet & Bone products packed in a beautiful, high quality, presentation gift box.

This fitness gift set provides a complete regime of products for gym and fitness lovers to optimise warm-up, performance and recovery to deliver the maximum possible benefits.  Even better, the set comes at a price with a saving of over £7 compared to buying the products individually.

What better gift can you give to a health and fitness enthusiast than one which helps improve their performance and helps them enjoy their sports more?

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  • Product Details

    Pack Contains:

    Muscle Activating Rub – 100ml
    Vapour Release Balm – 100ml
    Cooling Recovery Body Wash – 250ml
    Protect Moisturising Spray – 100ml

    With all the products tested by elite athletes and recommended by Olympian, sports scientist and physical activity expert Professor Greg Whyte OBE, celebrity personal trainers and performance expert Winston Squire, you can trust all the products to deliver great results.

    The muscle activating rub, vapour release balm, protective moisturising spray and cooling body wash all contain targeted, evidence-based properties that assist with those all-important marginal gains. The unique power base of three active, natural ingredients across the Bullet & Bone range of maca extract, magnesium and jasmine are known to hold properties that improve stamina, speed, alertness, concentration and recovery. Like any sporting ritual these potent, topical products will be helpful for all levels of sports professional.

    The gift set contains 1 x Muscle Rub 100ml, 1 x Vapour Balm 100ml, 1 x Protective Moisturiser 100ml, 1 x Cooling Recovery Body 250ml in a high-quality presentation gift box.

    The set also comes with the added benefit of an enclosed discount code offering 20% off any future purchases of the products through the Bullet & Bone website.

    Bullet & Bone is a world first. It offers breakthrough, precision skincare engineered to be used when physically active and contains potent, natural ingredients that enhance sporting performance.